Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sweet like brandy shot

As i pass by d moving trees,
and a line of sleepy lights that follows me,
beneath sleeps a lake with a dried soul,
a lonely flag on that little crooked pole.

I see the tall tower wid a red beam which
never reaches but points d heaven.

and i feel so blessed that ma life's so fine,
ma light aint sleepy oh yeah it kissed with shine.
ma flag post isn't crooked, ma soul's not dry.

because u make ma life so lovablely sweet.
like sugar coated cookies with a brandy shot so neat !!
--- Pal

Like the

Miss u
like d darkness miss the light,
like d clouds miss the rain,
like d bee miss the nectar,
miss u like all these
as crazily as could be.
I miss u
--- pal

I remember you

i remember you
each time when these raindrops
fall on ma head.
each time the moon shows me d way.
when the wind make me close ma eyes,
when the smell of the wet earth
fills up ma sense,
I remember you

when i see the brightest star
& a couple hand in hand.
when i save ma drape from flying,
I remember you
---- pal


save tiger

save tiger

save animals

save animals